Welcome to Grand Lodge of Alberta Masonic Library a place full of wisdom of the ages.

Our Collection

Our collection comprises of many volumes of Masonic interest covering the areas of History, Ritual, Symbolism, Religion, Masonophobia, Famous Masons to name just some.


The Catalogue

The Library of the Grand Lodge of Alberta, AF & AM is CURRENTLY (April 2018) CLOSED due to the relocation of the Grand Lodge Office. When the new shelving is built and is restored to their proper places the holdings of the Library and Museum will be available. Currently all is stored in bins awaiting the day.

Use of this library is limited to Freemasons of the Grand Lodge of Alberta. However, access may be granted to other Masons and members of the general community for valid research purposes.

The Library will manned by volunteer librarians Monday through Thursday of each week from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. During regular business hours, access can be given by Grand Lodge Office Staff. Arrangements can be made for access at other times.

The holdings of the library are catalogued under 14 groups as follows: Freemasonry - 01 General [409 items]; 02 Masonic History [420 items]; 03 Masonic Philosophy [59 items]; 04 Masonic Ritual and Ceremonies [55 items]; 05 Masonic Symbolism [59 items]; 06 Masonic Jurisprudence [95 items]; 07 Freemasonry and Religion [37 items]; 08 Other Organizations [120 items]; 09 Masonophobia - Masonic Detractors and Exposures [48 items]; 10 Fine Arts and Collections [140 Items]; 11 Biography [83 Items]; 12 Research [Primarily non-circulating] [296 Items]; 13 Odds & Ends: Non-Masonic [54 Items]; 14 Audio Visual [107 Items]

The group number is the second element of the call number (always a 2 digit number).

Searching is word based on the titles, authors, and publisher fields. Clicking on the book icons scrolling across the search page will provide details of the item.

THIS LINK to take you to the online catalogue.


Digital Offerings

It is a digital world in which we live. Here are some Masonic works which are well worth digesting digitally.
(PDF Format)

Formation of
The Grand Lodge of Alberta

Dr. George MacDonald
The Origin of Freemasonry
A Lecture
Robert Longfield QC
2nd February 1857
The Compass
A Mariner's Interpretation
Hugh Young
2006 or thereabouts
A Bunch of Keys
G. Roy Long
September 1955
The Mason's Confession
commonly called
The Dundee Manuscript
The Scots Magazine
March 1755
Desaguliers and The March of Militant Masonry
George E Maine
June 1939
The True Mason Thinks!
Papers Delivered at Area Meetings
Senior Grand Lodge Officers
The Grand Lodge Bulletin
Volume I No. 1
December 1935


We may be contacted through the Grand Lodge office or by using the form below.

The Library is staffed on Lodge Meeting nights - Monday through Thursday.